Webinar On “Working Of The UN Human Rights Bodies” By Ms. Thinlay Chukki

Webinar On “Working Of The UN Human Rights Bodies” By Ms. Thinlay Chukki

The Legal Aid and Support Centre of Kirit P. Mehta School of Law, NMIMS University, Mumbai conducted a webinar on 13th October, 2020.

About the Speaker: Ms. Thinklay Chukki is currently working at the Tibet Bureau Geneva and is a representative at the office of Dalai Lama. She is currently based in Geneva and participating in the Human Rights Council. 

The Webinar:

The session began with Ms. Soumya Singh (Chairperson) addressing the gathering and inviting Ms. Afrin Khan to introduce the guest speaker. Ms. Thinlay began the session with the background of her tough and challenging upbringing, importance of education in her family, studying law, information on studying from NLSIU, India as well as pursuing her masters from the Harvard University.

Ms Thinlay then began to explain the working of the UN Human Rights Treaty Based Bodies. Concepts related to initial reports, periodic reports, ‘general comments’, fact finding missions to the attendees. Issue of influence by powerful nations, special rapporteurs, were also looked into with examples of China and Tibet.

A very interesting session led to many interesting questions by the attendees where Ms. Nidhi Doshi (Vice Chairperson) moderated a few of the questions raised by the attendees to which the guest speaker obliged gracefully and addressed each of them. 

The Legal Aid Committee is proud to have organised such a successful and rewarding webinar by Ms. Thinlay Chukki.