Rights of the Transgender Community

The first paragraph of the transformative NALSA judgement accurately represented the pain, suffering and ostracization felt by the members of transgender community when they had no legal recognition in the eyes of the law and they could not use public places such as highways, malls, workplaces and even toilets like a regular system and instead were ridiculed and sidelined in […]

Human Rights Violation of Migrant Workers

“Labour is priceless, not gold” Mahatma Gandhi Migration, being a crucial part of human history, has shaped societies and economies with the intermixing of cultures. Millions travel interstate or abroad in search for economic opportunities and a better quality of life. Such workers are especially vulnerable to exploitation because they lack social security along with economic freedom. The ongoing pandemic […]

International Provisions Relating To Rights Of Migrant Workers

The COVID-19 pandemic is one that has caused damage to countries around the world. Be it the damage to the health of the people or the damage to the economy, the pandemic is one with wide and far-reaching effects. Much like several other prominent issues around the world, like climate change, the impact of this pandemic is not same on […]

WhatsApp’s New Privacy Policy

WhatsApp is the top messaging platform used in India with 52% market share and India is the largest market for it with more than 34 crore users. Recently, in January 2021, WhatsApp updated its privacy policy which stated that it may share information of any of its users with its family of companies. This update led to serious apprehensions regarding the privacy […]